Get Amazon Trunk-To-Trunk Delivery In Your Buick Today

Deliver Amazon Packages To Your Buick or GMC

Buick and GMC innovative connected services are designed to help you stay connected and save time. Buick and GMC have expanded its list of connected services from phone integration, SiriusXM, and Marketplace to now Amazon. Their partnership with Amazon brings you more convenience and peace-of-mind to your busy lifestyle. This partnership also brings Amazon Alexa into your premium driving experience

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Secure At Any Location

You’ve probably seen it in the news about how Amazon packages have been increasingly disappearing from front porches and the thieves who are doing it are known as “porch pirates”. To prevent this and to secure your packages, Amazon Key is designed to deliver and secure your packages in your Buick or GMC.

Amazon’s trunk-to-trunk delivery can be done from almost any location. Whether you park your GMC or Buick at home, work, or any eligible locations in your Amazon address book. To check if you are parked in an eligible area, use the Key by Amazon App. The best part about trunk-to-trunk delivery is that there is no extra cost to you.

How It Works

First, you need to make sure you are eligible for trunk-to-trunk delivery by confirming you are an Amazon Prime member. You must then verify  that you have an active Buick or GMC service plan and that your Buick or GMC is a 2015 model or newer. The service plan in your vehicle not only allows trunk-to-trunk delivery, but it allows for 4G LTE WiFi hotspot and more.

Now that you’ve confirmed the basics of eligibility, you need to download the Key by Amazon App and connect your Buick or GMC to your Amazon Prime and Owner Center accounts. From here, you can shop and select in-vehicle delivery for eligible packages through Amazon.

Once your order has been placed, just park your vehicle in a publicly accessible area within at least two blocks of your selected delivery address the day of delivery. For peace-of-mind, Amazon will notify you once the delivery driver unlocks and re-locks your Buick or GMC vehicle. In the event that the delivery driver cannot access your vehicle via Key by Amazon, your package will be delivered to your pre-selected backup delivery preference.

Amazon Trunk-To-Trunk Delivery in Buick SUV

Amazon Trunk-To-Trunk Delivery

Amazon Key For Buick SUVs in Highland, Indiana


GMC and Buick have come a long way by adding features like 4G LTE WiFi hotspot, wireless charging, and now Amazon trunk-to-trunk delivery. Get your GMC or Buick ready for the all-new experience of having your packages delivery safely and securely. For all of the busy moms and dads who don’t have time deal with “porch pirates”, Amazon trunk-to-trunk delivery is perfect for you!

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