Build Your Deal at Circle Buick GMC

Welcome to the future of car buying.  No more "approximate" prices and payments.  No more unknown or hidden taxes and fees.  Transparent and accurate pricing is here.  Right now.   Our website is equipped with the automotive industry's most advanced car shopping/buying technology.  You can calculate a real out-the-door price and payment on any vehicle.  Our software will show you pricing information that includes everything... just as if you were at our dealership.   We think you should be able to see what a vehicle will cost you... without needing to visit the dealership and without needing to give out your contact information.  We hope that by earning your trust, we'll earn your business.

Why Build a Deal with Precise Price?

Highly integrated.  Your online deal is powered by the same software we use at our dealership to calculate your price and payment.  The price you see online is the same you would see if you were working with a pro at our store.

Saved data saves time.  When you buid a deal online, we save everything.  When you come into the dealership, you will have a huge head-start.  We can pull up your existing deal and work from there... saving you (potentially) hours of time spent at the dealership.

Validate and go.  Things can change.  Our professionals will validate that our software gave you accurate figures for all available savings, the value of a vehicle you may be "trading in," and everything else.  Once it's all confirmed, you're good to go.

Fast and East Car Buying in Highland

Save time.  When you save your deal, we get a copy.  That means: if you do decide to buy, you're just a few short steps away from going home in your new ride.

Use any device, or multiple.  Our "Save and Finish" functionality allows you to share your deals across devices... without volunteering your contact info.  And you'll pick up exactly where you left off.

Everything's included.  We will automatically calculate your taxes and fees, and even show you options to add additional products like warranties or service contracts.  Other dealerships will hide all of this to lure you in with fake prices.  We don't think that's very cool.