Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance

Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance

Spring air conditioning maintenance is vital before you really need it. As we are approaching summer, it will get warmer and you will be traveling more. Not having a properly maintained air conditioning system, can cause major issues and leave you over-heated while driving. If you notice your vehicle’s AC system is lacking, schedule an auto AC diagnostic so you don’t have to sit in a hot, stuffy car this summer.

Auto AC Diagnosis & Repair

Our ASE-certified and OEM factory-trained master technicians can diagnose and fix your vehicle’s air conditioning system. These are the key components that make-up your vehicle’s air conditioning system:

AC Refrigerant

Your vehicle’s air conditioning refrigerant is responsible for regulating the temperature of your vehicle.

AC Compressor

The AC compressor keeps the AC refrigerant flowing by pressurizing your vehicle’s air conditioning system.

AC Evaporator

The air conditioning evaporator is responsible for absorbing heat and transferring it to the ac refrigerant.

AC Condenser

Your vehicle’s air conditioning condenser releases heat to the outside of your vehicle, thus cooling the air in the cabin.

Auto Air Conditioning Parts

Get your vehicle ready spring by having spring air conditioning maintenance! At Circle Buick GMC, you can order OEM air conditioning parts online here: OEM Parts in Highland, Indiana. We also have OEM parts on-hand in our service department; Schedule Your Air Conditioning Maintenance!

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