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GM Marketplace | Make Your Life Easier

You may have noticed the Marketplace app on your Buick or GMC Infotainment touchscreen and wondered what it was or how it worked. GM Marketplace allows you to order food, find the closest gas station, make a hotel reservation, and MORE while driving your Buick or GMC.

What is GM Marketplace?

GM Marketplace was designed to make your life easier while traveling. Whether you are on a road trip or coming home from work, GM Marketplace has four main functions that allow you to stay connected and safe simultaneously. The app can be found on your Buick or GMC built-in touchscreen on the home page or can be downloaded from the GMC Shop App.

Order Carryout Or Delivery

GM Marketplace makes finding restaurants and fast food easier than ever! Not only can you locate nearby places to get food, but you can order carryout and order delivery. So when you leave work to go home, your food will be delivered by the time you get there! While on road trips, you can pick up your food with no wait lines, which allows you to get back on the road quicker. Order from your favorite places like Starbucks, Dominos, and MORE!

Make Dinner Or Hotel Reservation

We all know that reservations save time and secure the restaurant or hotel you desire. Instead of digging around for your phone while driving to book a reservation, you can use the GM Marketplace app on your vehicle’s touchscreen to reserve a hotel or restaurant in seconds.

Fill Your Tank

With the GM Marketplace app, you can find nearby gas stations, activate the pump, pay for fuel, and earn rewards. If you sync your gas station rewards to the app, then you can accumulate rewards points and save!

Find Parking

The GM Marketplace app allows you to find, reserve, and pay for parking. The parking feature keeps you safe by not requiring you to use your phone and saves you time by finding parking in seconds. The parking feature is available in cities with ParkWhiz.

How do I use GM Marketplace?

GM Marketplace can be found on your Buick or GMC built-in touchscreen on the home page or can be downloaded from the GMC Shop App. Once located, follow these four easy steps and enjoy the convenience of using Marketplace.

  1. Accept Terms & Conditions
  2. Allow Notifications
  3. Login To Your Buick or GMC Account
  4. Sync Accounts

Enjoy The Convenience Of GM Marketplace In Your Next GMC or Buick

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