Should I lease or finance in Highland, Indiana

Finance or Lease a Buick? Which Route is For You?

Are you interested in getting a new Buick SUV, but not sure if you should finance or lease? We have broken down the main differences between leasing and financing a new car in Highland, Indiana, so you can pick the best option for you.

Is leasing or buying better?

There are pros and cons when considering whether you should buy or lease a new Buick. Our guide will help you decide whether leasing or buying is better for you!

Pros Of Leasing A Buick

The biggest benefit of leasing a Buick in Highland, Indiana means at the end of your lease, you can upgrade to the newest Buick model and you do not have to be concerned with depreciation. During the duration of your lease, your lease vehicle comes with a warranty that takes care of most maintenance. Your lease payments are typically lower compared to financing payments. If you decide that you want to buy your Buick at the end of your lease, our finance manager can make that happen!

  • Upgrade To Newest Model
  • No Depreciation Concerns
  • Comes With Maintenance Warranty
  • Lower Monthly Payments
  • Can Buy Vehicle At End Of Lease

Cons Of Leasing A Buick

Each lease agreement is different, but there are fees for excessive wear & tear, excessive mileage, and for early lease termination; these fees can add up but can be avoided with the proper care of your vehicle, limiting how far you drive, and no canceling you lease agreement early. Another con to leasing is that you will always have a monthly payment until you decide to buy and it has been paid off.

  • Excessive Mileage Penalties
  • Fees For Excessive Wear & Tear
  • Fees For Early Lease Termination
  • Monthly Payments

Pros Of Financing a Buick

By financing your Buick, you own the car once you are done making payments on it. Financing a Buick means you can sell the car anytime and there are no mileage limits unlike lease agreements. By financing and owning a Buick, you are free to customize and modify your vehicle as you please.

  • Ownership Of Car
  • No Mileage Limits
  • Can Sell Car Anytime
  • Customize and Modify

Cons Of Financing a Buick

Financing a Buick is great if you want to own your vehicle, but you will have a few cons to consider before financing. Your vehicle will depreciate over time and you cannot predict the future resale value. Compared to a lease payment, you will typically have a higher monthly payment but once it is paid off it is yours unlike a lease. All brand-new Buicks come with a warranty, but after the warranty runs out then you are responsible for maintenance expenses.

  • Depreciation
  • Unpredicted Resale Value
  • Higher Monthly Payment
  • Post Warranty Expenses

Finance Or Lease Your Next Buick At Your Local Buick Dealership

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