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Use Amazon Alexa To Control Your Buick Functions

Control Your Buick or GMC with Amazon Alexa

Buick and GMC have paired up with Amazon to give you even more reasons to love your car, truck, or SUV.  Amazon’s Alexa enabled devices are designed to make your life easier and help you stay connected. Amazon Alexa on its own can answer a range of questions from what the weather will be this week to nutrition questions and can set reminders and alarms. Amazon Alexa can do almost everything and now it can control your Buick or GMC.
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Get Amazon Trunk-To-Trunk Delivery In Your Buick Today

Deliver Amazon Packages To Your Buick or GMC

Buick and GMC innovative connected services are designed to help you stay connected and save time. Buick and GMC have expanded its list of connected services from phone integration, SiriusXM, and Marketplace to now Amazon. Their partnership with Amazon brings you more convenience and peace-of-mind to your busy lifestyle. This partnership also brings Amazon Alexa into your premium driving experience

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Planning Your Next Road Trip? You Need A Vehicle With These 4 Features

Millions of families across the United States embark on road trips every year. Road trips are great for making unforgettable memories, visiting loved ones, and discovering new places. In order to go on a road trip with peace of mind, you need a vehicle that offers safety features, fuel efficiency, technology and plenty of cargo space. Whether you choose Buick or GMC, you will enjoy your next road trip on another level. Read the rest of this entry >>